Service Bulletin Rotorhead lll

MTOnautic Supplement till Pilothandbok
maj 22, 2019
Dyn-sett till MTO Sport 2010
mars 15, 2020

Service Bulletin Rotorhead lll

Reason and overview of the Service Bulletin (cause of problem if known)

A pressure regulator is fitted into the Cavalon and Sport 2017 pneumatic control box that limits
the pressure applied to the trim cylinder in the event of a trim system ‘runaway’.
This enables lower pitch stick control force if the system fails to full pressure.
This is a legacy item, installed for Rotorhead II.
Aircraft fitted with Rotorhead III (see photos) have a shorter distance between the rotorhead
pitch axis and trim cylinder attachment, such that a higher trim cylinder pressure results in the
same hand force on the stick.
Extra trim pressure has been shown to be beneficial in certain aircraft configurations
This service bulletin instructs how to either increase the pressure of the pressure restrictor, or
remove the restrictor and replace with a single piece of pneumatic hose.


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